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Born on 27th October 1986 in Madrid, Alba Flores is a renowned Spanish actress who enjoys her work to the core. At a very young age, she had made up her mind to make her career in acting. Hence, when she was 13, she started studying music and drama.

As she wanted to put in her best performance, she trained herself for six years and then accepted her first role as a stage artist. She made her film debut in the year 2005 and since then there was no looking back!

Alba Flores has acted in several television series and Spanish movies. Her performance as Saray Vargas de Jesus in Vis a Vis television series was simply commendable. She has even gained a lot of popularity for her stellar acting as Nairobi in Money Heist.

Since 2007, she has been very good friends with actor Alex Cueva. However, her current relationship status seems to be single. There aren’t much rumors or controversies regarding her love affairs, which denote that she prefers keeping her personal life away from the paparazzi.

Alba Flores has a captivating smile and a perfect body structure, which she flaunts proudly. On a regular basis, she posts her revealing and ravishing pictures on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook account. Her millions of fan keep waiting to garner information on Alba Flores naked pictures and videos. Some of her nude scenes that have earned innumerable hits, likes, and comments have been listed below:

  • At the age of 28, she did a naked scene in Vis a Vis Television Series. The scene got extremely popular among her fans and went viral instantly on social networking sites. Her performance in the series was brilliant and in the year 2015, she won a Waves Award for Best Female Actress for her role as Saray.
  • In the program Movistar+, David Broncano asked Alba Flores how many times she made love in the last month. After thinking for a few seconds, she replied about ten times. Suddenly, she realized that her mom Ana Villa was present in the audience, so she quickly told her to cover her ears even though it was too late to warn her. Continuing with his questions, Broncano asked her mother if she was expecting the answer to be more or less to which her mom happily screamed ‘more’. To enhance the humor in the show, Broncano told Alba that it was sad to disappoint her mother for doing sex a little, so she should put on her batteries and start fucking more.

She had posed for the cover page of Vanity Fair Magazine in July 2018 issue and had proudly shared her picture on social media. She has always felt confident of her curves and is happy to pose nude on screen with her co-stars. Alba Flores nude pictures acquire innumerable comments and likes from her followers and her fans keep waiting for more!

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